Vendor Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Act as the single point of contact for Client Requests and interact with vendors to address IT problems and problems with applications on the Client’s behalf.As Needed
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Vendor Assessment and DocumentationOnce Per Vendor
Establish official relationship with each vendorOnce Per VendorOnly applicable when necessary
Serviceable Conditions
Service and support contracts or agreements must be in place between the Vendor and the Client.
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
Any and all service or support fees with the managed vendors.
Service Levels & Performance Goals
The general service levels apply but are contingent upon the Vendor’s defined service levels.  (The lengthier levels will take precedence)
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
When the service from the vendor and their defined service levels exceed that of the Service Providers.  The vendor’s service levels will take precedence.