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The days of needing to purchase and maintain costly server and network equipment in your office are quickly ending.  Today, nearly everything can be done from the cloud more efficiently, securely, and reliably.  


The cloud supercharges collaboration.  File sharing and live document editing are easier than ever. Gone are the days of saving multiple versions of one file and passing it back and forth over email.


Microsoft spends four billion dollars more than we do on security each year. Cloud vendors are constantly improving their security and functionality to meet the needs of the changing world.


99.9% uptime enables you to work anywhere you have internet. With email, data, and applications in the cloud it’s easy to get reconnected when there is an Xcel or internet outage at your office.

Essential Cloud Services for Every Business

Meet Our Ultimate Cloud Bundle

Despite every business being unique, there are certain tools we believe are essential to the modern business. After countless hours of research, testing, and managing these services we’ve combined them into one simple to understand package.  


Here’s what’s included in our cloud bundle:

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Hosted Email

50GB of email storage per user with your business domain name

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AI and human powered identification, blocking, and remediation of malicious programs on your PC. This can help stop or slow down ransomware

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Email Encryption

Send email and attachments securely to prevent unauthorized access

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Online Storage

1TB of OneDrive storage per user for file storage and sharing

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Work on the same documents as others simultaneously

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Email Protection

Spam filtering to help reduce junk mail and phishing threats

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Monitoring & Automation

Remote monitoring of system performance and automated repair keeps your computer patched and running smoothly

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Security Awareness Training

Monthly simulated phishing attacks and training to educate users

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Gather Feedback

Create and send out forms to customers or employees

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Premium Office Apps

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and more

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Password Manager

You only need to remember one password ever again. Generate, save, share, sync, and autofill passwords on all of your favorite sites

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Chat-based communication with your staff and external contacts

Clipart of a calendar

Share available times, schedule meetings, and get reminders

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