Server Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Global Server Group Policy AdjustmentAs NeededAdjusts IT environment configuration. (Non-standard fees may apply)
Server MaintenanceAs NeededDisk, raid, performance, OS configuration, service, and event logs.
Server Configuration AdjustmentsAs NeededIf non-standard adjustments are necessary, fees may apply.
Monitors & Service MonitoringFrequencyDetailed Description
DRV – Free Space < 10% Total Size or 2GB <Critical>ContinuousRMM monitor of sever storage space
Backlisted Events – Informational, Warnings, and ErrorsContinuousRMM Server event log monitor
EV – Drive Errors, Raid Failures, or Smart Errors <Critical>ContinuousRMM drive error log monitor
EV – Excessive Alerts Detected > 25 Like EventsContinuousRMM Event monitor
EV – Reoccurring Critical > 75 OccurrencesContinuousRMM critical event monitor
LT – Offline Servers <Critical>ContinuousRMM Server offline monitor
SVC – Auto Services Stopped <Critical>ContinuousRMM Server service monitor
UPTIME – 1 Month Since RebootContinuousRMM Uptime monitor
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Deploy Service Provider’s Management AgentsOnce Per Server
Complete Server Onboarding DocumentationOnce Per Server
Establish and Implement Server Config. StandardsOnce Per Server
Address Monitor AlertsUntil Resolved
Serviceable TechnologiesSupported Versions and Releases
Microsoft Windows Server2012 R2, Standard, and greater
VMWare ESXi6.5 and greater
Serviceable Conditions
Server’s configuration, physical state, and general health is reasonable.  (Out of scope projects may be proposed if necessary to ensure Serviceability.)
Server is adequately licensed.
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
The cost for any and all hardware and software required to ensure defined service levels and performance expectations.
Service Levels & Performance Goals
Server Uptime is at least 99% excluding downtime due to external conditions (power failure, internet outage)
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
Turnaround on hardware failure cannot be guaranteed.
Vendor/manufacturer warranted repairs are excluded from the general and specific service levels defined
Any and all 3rd party adjustments that lead to any/all downtime will be excluded from defined service and performance levels.