Remote Support

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Remote SupportContinuousIT issue assessment, diagnostics, and remote remediation via chat, phone, and email or silently without End-user interruption.
Minor situational End-user IT educationAs Needed
Provide as needed IT services on per-request basisAs NeededIncludes any services defined within this agreement.
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Service Provider’s helpdesk learns about ClientOnce Per EngineerThe best approach depends on the Client’s IT environment, size, business model, and culture.  Will work together and decide best approach.
Client’s End-users learn how to work with Service ProviderOnce Per ClientThis is often most successful by printing the processes and sharing them digitally.
Serviceable TechnologiesSupported Versions and Releases
Windows8.1, and greater
Microsoft Windows Server2012 R2, Standard, and greater
Mac OS11.0 and greater
Common Software ApplicationsProducts and applications for Adobe, Intuit, and Google
Microsoft Office Suite2019 and greater
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
Services will only be provided on covered IT Assets, users, client sites, and will not exceed the scope of the services defined within this agreement.
The cost of any hardware, software, or licenses necessary to the successful resolution of Client requests are not included.  Given this becomes necessary, the Service Provider will draft a quote and seek appropriate approvals.
Service Levels & Performance Goals
General service levels apply
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
Priority 1 issues must be reported via telephone by the On-site technical contact or site’s primary contact.  Service levels on priority 1 issues reported any other way are exempt from defined service levels and will be best effort.