Network Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Network Device configuration adjustmentAs NeededClient requested modification to current configuration
Troubleshoot network issuesAs NeededAddress network issues generated from system alerts
VPN and security adjustmentsAs NeededClient requested modification to current configuration
Firmware updatesAnnuallyUpdate firmware yearly or as needed to meet security requirements
Minor Cabling AdjustmentsAs NeededClient requested modification to current configuration
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Network Configuration Assessment & DocumentationOnce Per Site
Network Configuration Standards ImplementationOnce Per Site
Cabling Clean Up and DocumentationOnce Per Site
Serviceable TechnologiesPreferred Vendors
All Major Firewalls Vendors With Current Support ContractSonicWALL, WatchGuard
All Managed SwitchesDell, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Netgear
All Managed AP’sUbiquiti, Cisco
Serviceable Conditions
All network equipment is warranted and supported by their respective manufacturers/vendors.
The internet connection and network environment cabling and wireless signal is adequate.  Project work or other recommendations may be offered.
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
The cost to do setup and configure any new hardware or major functionality (new VPN setup)
The cost of any hardware, software, or licenses necessary.
Service Levels & Performance Goals
Network Uptime 99% or greater excluding downtime due to external conditions (power failure, internet outage)
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
In the event of a denial of service attack, service levels and performance benchmarks will not apply.