Identity Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Domain User Permission ManagementContinuousMonitor AD user permissions
Domain User Password Resets and Account UnlocksAs NeededApproved user requested access
Domain User SetupAs NeededApproved user requested access
Domain Group and Folder Permission ManagementAs NeededApproved user requested access
Monitors & Service MonitoringFrequencyDetailed Description
Offline Servers MonitorContinuousMonitoring for offline Domain Controllers
EV – Blacklisted Events (4720, 4238)ContinuousLocked User Accounts
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Active Directory Review and CleanupOnce Per Client
Setup of Administrative and Support User AccountsOnce Per Client
Serviceable TechnologiesSupported Versions and Releases
Microsoft Windows DomainLatest three major releases
JumpCloudSaaS-based product
Microsoft Azure Active DirectorySaaS-based product
Google Apps for BusinessSaaS-based product
Serviceable Conditions
Active Directory has been cleaned up and standardized to the Service Provider’s specifications.
User must be physically or wirelessly connected to the Domain network and maintain an adequate internet connection
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
Microsoft Server, Active Directory, JumpCloud, AzureAD Licensing
The costs to manage, implement, and/or procure a new identity management solution
Service Levels & Performance Goals
Active Directory Uptime to equal or exceed 98% by means of server uptime and routine backups
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
Non-standard and/or complex multi-site or multi-domain environments