Email Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Assessment and troubleshooting of mail flow issuesAs Needed
Exchange server maintenanceAs Needed
Spam filter tuningAs NeededAdjust whitelist/blacklist settings and manipulate thresholds
Mailbox permissionsAs NeededAdjust permissions so users can access shared mailboxes
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Email configuration assessmentOnce Per Client
Spam solutions assessment and configurationOnce Per Client
Serviceable TechnologiesSupported Versions and Releases
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft ExchangeLatest two releases
Google Apps for Business
Serviceable Conditions
Access to the exchange server and/or Office 365 management portal are current and provide adequate permission levels.
Any licensing or subscription fees associated to the cloud service
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
Any licensing or subscription fees associated to the cloud service
The cost of any software or software licenses.
Vendor support charges or fees.
Service Levels & Performance Goals
Email uptime is at least 99% – (Contingent upon vendor and cloud provider’s turnaround.)
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
In the event an outage is caused by fault in the product or service, outside of the control of the Service Provider, promised service levels cannot be guaranteed.