Backup Management

Last Updated 11/1/2021

Service Provider ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Backup CheckDailyAutomatic system monitor of backup success
Test File RestoreWeeklyAutomatic system test restore
Test Server Stand-up (If backup technology supports)Bi-WeeklyAutomatic system test restore
Remediate Failing BackupsAs NeededReview and failed backup jobs and remediate
Restore Files / DataAs NeededRestore files as requested by client
Monitors & Service MonitoringFrequencyDetailed Description
Job Running > 8 HoursContinuousThe backups configuration may need adjusted
Backup FailedContinuousThe backup failed and needs reviewed
Verify Backup Job FailedContinuousThe backup couldn’t be verified as successful and needs tested
Backup Failed to Configure JobContinuousThe backup process did not begin properly
Value ReportingFrequencyDetailed Description
Health ReportMonthlyProvides a count of failed / successful backup jobs
Service Onboarding ActivitiesFrequencyDetailed Description
Evaluate current backup job(s) and requirementsOnce per ClientWork with Client to assess current backups and current needs
Configure, Deploy, and Test Backup TechnologyTechnology Dependent
Serviceable Conditions
Adequate, current, and actively licensed backup software
Storage space sufficient for the successful completion of backup jobs
Storage space sufficient for adequate retention period
Coverage Exclusions & Exceptions
Data and storage charges and fees
The cost of any necessary software licenses or hardware
The cost of temporary, permanent, and archival storage
Data is not and cannot be guaranteed (However, this service is a method to help protect data)
Service Levels & Performance Goals
Backup jobs successful 95% of the time
File Restore within general service levels listed in Coverage Summary (Technology and environment dependent)
Virtual Server Standups within X time* (Technology and environment dependent)
Service Level & Performance Exceptions
Challenges with the technology that require the involvement of the backup technologies’ vendor/manufacturer
Recovery of any/all files or data not included within original scoping requirements